Core Team

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Junho Lee | President, Manager | Architecture Team

Junho has worked in the architecture field for more than 10 years. While working in the field, he became to be more aware of the urban issues, and the importance of people centred urban development. It made him redefine what ‘good’ design designer is. He has been working for public projects, and dedicated to community-driven urban regeneration in recent years.

Mijung Kim | Technical Adviser

Mijung, the CEO of Toad Housing (Social Enterprise for Social Housing), is a leading architect working for social issues in South Korea. Her strong belief in the importance of architects’ social role has inspired many architects, and led to her pioneer projects of urban regeneration, alternative housing programme, and community development in cities. She has always stressed that urban regeneration is the process of socioeconomic regeneration, not simply of a physical one, and tried to recorded people’s stories and share with others.

Boram Kimhur | Manager | International Urban Development Team

Boram has more than 10 years of experience as practitioner and researcher in the field of urban development, housing for the urban poor and architecture. Since he left private oriented architecture field after four years experience, her work has been dedicated to the issues of slums, urban poverty and housing rights in the cities of Asia at NGOs, a UN agency as well as a philanthropy foundation. As a community architect, she particularly has worked for informal settlement communities and their housing rights through community participatory/driven approach.

Minjung Oh | Manager | Planning Team

She studied international relations, but became to be more concerned with people’s relations and social issues rather than the states’ relations. She has worked at CSOs for more than 8 years, and been communicating with urban poor communities and marginalised women in cities. Her work has been centred around the capacity building of the urban poor and women through participatory workshops.