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Community Architects for Society & People (CASP) supports communities in inadequate housing and the built environment.  Through the process of design with-by-for people, we aim to enable changes not only in the physical environment but also, more importantly, social conditions within and around the communities. It includes empowering the poor communities, whose voices are often neglected in a city. We support slum upgrading, community development, and urban regeneration. All activities are a community-driven and participatory process, which will eventually contribute to urban poor empowerment and capacity building. We also conduct research and international solidarity activities. Our role is not placed on providing ‘professional’ solutions. Our principle approach is to support the communities and people in finding out their own solutions and developing concrete plans. Major tools are as follows:

City-wide & community mapping, as a tool for creating a common ground

Physical upgrading, as a tool of community organising and capacity building 

Comprehensive site planning, as a tool for building a foundation for cultural and social system development

Community builder training, as a tool for making local culture and knowledge sustainable

Research, on urban poverty, marginalised people, housing, and slums, as a tool for leading relevant experts to more socially responsible roles in a sustainable way